How to Apply Hair Texturizer

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Texturizer can help give your natural hair enough movement and texture so you don't have to fuss with heated styling tools or trying to fight your natural texture. Whether your hair is stick straight, has a little wave or is curly, texturizer helps add weight and shape to your hair so it looks styled in minutes. Using texturizer is a quick shortcut ideal for the hot summer months when you don't want to spend all of your time on your hair.

Part your dry hair to the side first, suggests "Glamour" magazine. It makes for a modern update and gives your regularly middle-parted hair extra volume as you work the texturizer through the hair. Pin a small section to the side, if desired.

Mix a nickle-sized amount of texturizer and one pump or a dime-sized amount of styling creme. This mixture will help you give better shape and body to your hair while adding texture and separation.

Work the mixture through your hair, starting with the ends. Scrunch the ends of your hair in your hands as you rake your fingers through your hair to distribute the mixture evenly. If you don't work the mixture through the hair enough, your hair could look greasy. Make sure that you spread the texturizing balm from root to tip.

Heat up your flat iron. When it's hot, clamp it over a two inch section of hair near the scalp, and then flip the flat iron upward so the plastic top is flush with your scalp. Slowly drag the flat iron down to the ends and release. You'll be left with a loose wave. Continue over random pieces of hair to add extra body in a short amount of time. The texturizer will allow the waves the stay separated and piecey.

If you already have curly hair, skip this step.

Flip your head upside down and tousle with your fingers. Flip your head back up and mist with a relaxed hold hairspray.

Apply a small amount of texturizer to your fingertips, and then use them to pinch the ends of your hair. It will add separation and hold so your beachy waves look casual, while staying put without the stiffness of maximum hold hairspray. Be careful to not add too much, warns "Marie Claire" magazine. Too much texturizer can make your hair look heavy or greasy.