How to Get Mel Gibson's Hairstyle

Look to Mel Gibson for traditional, manly hairstyles that stay current with the times. Mel Gibson's hair is naturally thick and curly. His style looks best on men with similar hair types. Copy Mel Gibson's hair for a conservative, masculine look that is easily adapted for formal events.

Get the classic Mel Gibson hairstyle as seen in "Signs" and in most of his promotional pictures by asking for a short haircut tapered at the side and neck. Leave some fullness at the crown. Finger comb your hair for a casual, tousled look or apply gel for a more formal evening style.

Grow your sideburns to achieve the look Mel Gibson sported at the "American Gangster" Industry Screening in Hollywood. Let your sideburns grow to mid-ear, but keep them closely shaved. Allow your hair to air dry or blow dry it for more lift and volume. Consider using products designed to cover hair loss if you're experiencing hair loss like Mel Gibson is.

Try the classic mullet-type style Mel Gibson made famous in "Lethal Weapon." Cut layers in the top and sides of long hair that taper to the back. Brush your hair back from your face using a blow dryer and styling gel to give the front lift. Allow the back of your hair to fall naturally.

Adopt a more historical look by trying the style worn by Mel Gibson in "The Patriot." Allow your hair to grow to past shoulder length. Brush your naturally wavy hair back from your forehead and secure it in a pony tail at the nape of your neck. Enjoy your patriotic yet current long-hair look.