How to Get Your Ears Lowered

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"Getting your ears lowered" is a common slang term used in the English language for getting a haircut. Someone may say, "Did you get your ears lowered?" or, "I got my ears lowered yesterday." The term originates from the appearance of a larger distance between your ears and the ends of your hair when your hair is cut shorter, resulting in the illusion that your ears are lower.

Call your local barber or hair salon and make an appointment to get your hair cut. More popular hair salons sometimes require appointments several weeks in advance. Other hair salons and barbers do not require appointments and provide services on a walk-in basis.

Bring a picture of your desired haircut to the salon with you. Examples of hair styles and cuts can be found in magazines or online, and some salons provide publications showing examples. Find a cut that will complement your features. If you are unsure of what haircut and style would look best on you, find a celebrity with a similar face shape and browse his or her recent hairstyles. Keep in mind how much time you plan to spend on your hair each morning, because some styles require 10 to 30 minutes of work each morning to maintain.

Arrive for your hair appointment at least five minutes early. Like doctors, hair stylists and barbers sometimes have appointments scheduled for the entire day, so one person running late may increase the waiting time for each subsequent customer.

Show the picture of your desired haircut to your barber or hair stylist. Be sure to tell him or her exactly how short you are planning to wear your hair and how much time you plan to spend on your hair each day.

Look at your hair in a mirror once your hair stylist or barber is finished. If you are not pleased, tell the hair stylist or barber and request some changes.