How to Give a Girl a Simple Haircut

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Give a Girl a Simple Haircut. You can save time and money by cutting your little girl's hair at home. A simple haircut for a girl is easy to give.

Find a pair of sharp scissors. Dull scissor blades do not cut smoothly and leave hair looking jagged.

Grab a chair and find an easy to clean location for the haircut. Any room with laminated or hardwood flooring will do. Or, if the weather is nice, take the chair outside.

Dampen the girl's hair using a spray bottle or by combing it with a wet comb. You can wash her hair first but, make sure to wring out all the excess water before cutting.

Start your first cut at the midpoint of the back of the girl's hair. Gather a section of hair about an inch wide between the index and middle fingers of your non-cutting hand. Comb the hair to make sure it is even. Hold the hair taut between your fingers. Keeping your fingers perfectly horizontal, use them as a guide to cut the hair to the correct length.

Use the cut section of the hair as a guide for cutting the rest. Gather sections of hair and cut using the same process as in step 4.

After the girl's hair is the desired length, you want to give it a little shape. Comb all of her hair behind her shoulders. Trim the hair so that it looks like a wide smile rather than a straight line.

Check your work. Comb the girl's hair as you would normally. Make sure the front sides of the simple haircut are the same length. Check for any hairs you may have missed.


  • For a more tapered haircut, cut the front sides of the haircut at a steep angle. Cut only the front most section of hair. Keep a designated pair of scissors for cutting hair so they won't become dull with overuse. Use a rain jacket to keep hair from clinging to clothes.

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