How to Make Hair Bows Stick to Baby Hair


Newborn girls look so cute with little bows in their hair. The problem is getting the bows to stick in baby-fine hair. Use very small, lightweight bows for newborns. You can even make your own with a piece of ribbon. The backs of the bows cannot have a clip, clasp or any other object. Follow these steps to make a hair bow stick to your baby's hair.

Wash your baby's hair with baby shampoo. Rinse well with warm water, then towel dry her hair.

Gently brush your baby's hair with a baby brush. Create a slight side part if you want to put the bow on the side of your baby's head.

After her hair completely dries, brush a small clear spot on her scalp where you want the hair bow to stick.

Put a small dot of K-Y jelly on the back of the hair bow.

Place the hair bow on your baby's scalp, and hold in place for a few seconds.

Allow the jelly to dry, then brush around the hair bow to blend in the hair around the bow.