How to Tie Your Hair in a Tight Bun for Swimming Caps

Woman in pool

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Swimming caps come in a variety of materials, including Lycra Spandex, latex, and even silicone, and serve a variety of purposes; they can help increase your swim speed by providing a streamlined silhouette, keep your hair protected from the chemicals in the water, and make you visible to other swimmers. If you have long hair, putting your hair in a tight bun before putting on a swimming cap makes the cap easier to put on and keeps your hair in place while you’re swimming.

Dampen your hair with water. Wetting your hair allows for better control and makes the hair stay in place better.

Run a comb or brush through the hair to remove any knots or tangles. Tie your hair up in a ponytail with an elastic hair band. You can place the ponytail high, mid-level or low on your head, depending on your own personal preference.

Hold the hair at the bottom tip of the ponytail with your thumb and forefinger. Use your thumb, forefinger and middle finger to twirl the hair tightly until a snug coil forms.

Spin the coiled hair clockwise around the ponytail base to form a bun. Wrap another elastic hair band around the base of the ponytail to hold the bun in place.

Place the thumbs of each hand on the inside of the swimming cap to hold it open widely. Tilt your neck down and put the front part of the swimming cap on your forehead. Pull the swimming cap back over the rest of your head. The back part of the cap should be below your hairline.