Directions for Wrapping Black Hair With a Weave

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Wrapping your hair weave at night is one way to maintain a straight hair style for many African American women. When done correctly, you can keep your hair sleek and smooth, or even slightly bent or bumped for a little volume. You can wrap your hair after washing and styling, and then wrap each night to maintain your style. Keep in mind that you can wrap your hair whether you have a weave or not.

Moisturize your hair weave. Depending on the length of your weave, pour some hair lotion in your hand, rub your hands together, and rub the lotion in your hair, paying special attention to the roots and the tips. If your hair weave is short, use a little more than the size of the dime. If your hair weave is longer, use a little more than a quarter-size amount. You want to ensure that your hair is moisturized enough, but not oily. Rub the moisturizer through your hair and comb through.

Brush your hair in the opposite direction of your part. For example, if you wear your part on the left side of your head, brush your hair to the right, flat against your head, in a beehive-like shape. Continue to brush the hair around your head. Guide it behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, behind the other ear, and around your head again. Brush it around and toward the top of your head.

Use hair pins or metal hair clips to guide your hair and keep it in place as you brush it around your head. The texture of a hair weave is usually fine, which makes it more difficult for the hair to stay in place.

Smooth flyaway hairs with any excess lotion in your hands. Then place the mesh wrap net around your head to keep the wrap in place. Finally, place the silk scarf over your head to completely protect the hair.

Remove the silk scarf and the wrapping net when you are ready to take out your hair. Part your hair with the comb and style as usual. You should be able to maintain a smooth, straight hairstyle.