How to Comb Your Hair Like Wolverine

Junko Kimura/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The character of Wolverine is one of the most recognizable figures of the X-Men series. Wolverine's daily wardrobe is kept minimal, as his iconic hair and long set of claws set him apart. In a spin on a classic 1950s look, Wolverine's hair is slicked back on the sides with volume through the crown, and two tufts stand straight up on either side. Try it yourself and add a superhero-worthy touch to your image.

Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo to give your hair lift. Gently towel dry your ends, then allow the rest of your hair to air dry until it is 90 percent dry.

Pour a golf-ball-sized amount of mousse into the palm of your hand. Work it through your roots with your fingertips, concentrating on the crown of your head.

Position the tail end of a rat-tail comb over your right temple, at the edge of your hairline. Drag it straight back until you reach the crown of your head. Repeat on the left side to section off the middle portion of your hair.

Place the comb at the front of your hairline, in the center of the section that you just created. Drag it straight back until you reach the center of your head, then comb this section straight up into the air to add fullness. Repeat until the mousse molds your hair into the desired shape.

Place the teeth of the comb on the left side of your head, at the base of the center section you just worked on. Pull the comb upward, through the center section, until the hair passes through the teeth of the comb. Repeat on the right side. This will create Wolverine's signature "U" shape.

Hold a can of strong-hold hairspray 10 inches away from your head and coat your hair once to keep it in place throughout the day.