How to Properly Trim Neck Hair


If the hair on the back of your neck is a little too long for your liking, it may be time to trim it up. If you're not sure how to properly trim your neck hair, the following steps will guide you so that you can sport a cleaner look without all of that excess hair.

Ask someone who is comfortable using trimmers to trim your neck hair for you. If you are going to do it by yourself, make sure to use a mirror so that you can see what you're doing.

Use a regular pair of trimmers to clean up your neck hair.

Decide where the hairline is on the back of your neck before you begin trimming. Your hairline should be fairly straight across the back of your neck.

Begin either on the left or right side of your neck by placing the trimmers right below your hairline. Slowly move the trimmers all the way down your neck.

Repeat this process all the way around the back and sides of your neck until you have shaved all of your neck hair and feel comfortable with the way it looks.

Trim your neck hair as often as you see fit. Some people may need to trim their neck hair once a week if it grows quickly, but some may only need to shave it once a month or once every few months.