Shaving a Goatee Under the Chin

Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A goatee under your chin can be the final addition to your look. The small patch of hair helps define your face and draws attention to it. Shaving a goatee requires precision and a steady hand. However, if you make a mistake, you can always shave off your entire beard and start over once your beard grows back. Regular upkeep of your beard is essential to keep your facial hair from looking scraggly and sloppy.

Allow your beard to grow for a couple of days until you reach hair growth that is at least a half-inch long.

Take a warm shower before shaving because the shower's warmth and steam help open the facial pores, making for a closer shave. Alternatively, wet a washcloth with warm water and place it over your face for two minutes.

Apply shaving oil or a clear shaving gel over your beard and neck area. Avoid using a shaving cream that foams, as this makes it hard to see what you're doing. Use a translucent product that allows you to see your beard.

Shave your neck, sideburns, cheeks and along the sides of your jaw line. Hold taut the skin you're shaving with your non-dominant hand while you shave with your dominant hand. Shave in all directions, as beard hair grows in many different directions; move the razor downward, sideways and with and against the hair growth. Shave the hair below your lower lip, leaving just a patch of hair below the chin area.

Frequently step back from the mirror when shaving your goatee so you can see how the facial hair complements your full appearance. Avoid shaving too much hair from your chin area. Shave if off little by little.

Wash your beard area and apply an aftershave gel or cream to soothe your skin.

Maintain the desired length of the goatee under your chin by carefully trimming the hair with scissors.

Monitor your beard growth. Shave the area around your goatee when stubble starts showing.