How to Get Rid of a Neck Beard

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Some men are more of the clean shave type, and others enjoy the look and feel of a beard, whether full or trimmed. Many men, however, do not enjoy having neck beards, caused by hair growing beneath the chin and down their necks. This can be uncomfortable, itchy and even unattractive. Trimming or waxing neck beards removes them temporarily, solving the problem of the scratchy, unwanted hairs.

Shampoo your beard as you would shampoo the hair on your head. Towel dry the beard and let it air dry the rest of the way. When it is completely dry, comb it out so that it is not tangled.

Lubricate your trimmer. If using a razor, apply shaving cream to the areas of your face that you want shaved. Make sure that you lather the cream all along your neck beard so that it is easier to remove.

Tilt your head back. Carefully run the trimmer or the blade along your neck, beginning near the jaw. If your razor or trimmer has a precision blade, this may be useful now. Remove the hairs nearest your chin with careful strokes. If you are unsure of how much hair to remove, hold back and underestimate. It will be easier to remove more hair later, but removing too much hair is irreversible.

Remove the rest of the hair on your neck, careful not to go above the area where you first began to remove hair. Move the trimmer or razor against the direction of your hairs for an easier shave. Once your neck beard is gone, rinse off any shaving cream; this won't be necessary if you were simply using a trimmer.

Examine your work and make any minor adjustments. Apply an after-shave product to your skin. Though many of these products burn, some claim to minimize the burning sensation. The ingredients in such products will prevent bumping and will close your pores, keeping your skin smooth after shaving.

Wax your beard if desired. Though waxing can be painful, the results often last longer than shaving. Locate a waxing kit that specifies that it is safe to use on more sensitive areas, such as your face. Warm the wax if the kit instructs you to do so. Apply to the portion of your neck that needs to be rid of hair and press a waxing strip over it. Pull the strip off in the direction opposite your hairs.