How to Remove Hair on the Side of My Face

by Shannon Marks ; Updated July 18, 2017

We all have facial hair, but sideburns can be especially troubling for both men and women. Unless shaved daily, men often get bushy and uncontrollable sideburns. Women’s sideburns usually grow stringy and are difficult to manage. There are ways to remove unwanted hair on your face. The process you choose has to do with the thickness and amount of hair that grows.

Shave with a new razor and shave cream for sensitive facial skin. Even women can shave facial hair. No, it does not cause the hair to grow back more quickly. The only downside to shaving is that hair can look stubbly during regrowth, forcing you to shave every few days.

Tweeze the hairs. If it’s just a few unruly hairs you’re trying to eliminate, use sharp tweezers like Tweezerman. These tweezers are preferred over generic brands because they’re designed to grip the hair better, preventing the hair from breaking midway. It may sting to pluck hairs, but it stings more when you use dull, poorly designed tweezers.

Use hot wax. Hot wax treatments are popular for hair removal on this part of the face because the hairs are not coarse. You can use an at-home kit, or go to a salon or spa for treatment. You will need to wax every five to seven weeks.

Go to an electrologist. According to the American Electrology Association, electrolysis destroys the hair growth tissue and permanently eliminates hair. An electrologist will insert a fine needle into your hair follicle, apply a tiny electrical current and kill the hair-producing cell.

Have a laser-hair removal procedure. According to the "Hair Removal Journal," a website developed by cosmetic laser experts, after three laser hair-removal treatments, you are likely to see a 50 to 70 percent reduction of facial hair. This process uses a strong light that damages and weakens the hair follicle.