How to Make Your Armpits Smooth

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If you are a swimmer, you may want to remove your body hair, including underarm hair, to reduce friction in the water. You may also want to remove underarm hair for cosmetic or hygienic reasons. There are several ways you can remove unwanted underarm hair, including shaving, waxing or using a depilatory hair removal cream. These techniques will remove unwanted underarm hair and keep your underarm skin clean and smooth.


Take a hot shower and remove all traces of your deodorant and other small debris from clothing. The hot water helps soften coarse underarm hair, allowing smoother and easier shaving.

Lather your armpits with a generous amount of soap or shaving cream.

Lift your arm up as high as you can and begin shaving. Carefully shave up, down and side to side since arm hair grows in numerous directions.

Rinse the blade under running water to unclog any hairs from the blade during shaves. Continue shaving your other armpit.


Wash your underarms to clean it and remove any deodorant.

Apply a small amount of baby powder to both of your armpits. Dip a spatula into the wax product and apply a thin layer of wax to your armpit in the direction of hair growth (usually downward).

Place a wax strip over the hair on your underarm and press it in a downward motion in the direction of the hair growth.

Pull the wax strip quickly in the opposite direction, staying close to the skin. Then, apply pressure with your hand to soothe.

Depilatory Hair Removal Cream

Wash your underarms to clean it get rid of any deodorant.

Apply the depilatory hair removal cream to your armpits in front of a mirror. Wait for the cream to turn into a jelly-like substance and break down the armpit hair. Read the instructions on the package to find out how long to leave the cream on your underarms.

Wipe the depilatory hair removal cream off using a moist warm towel. Scrub in downward strokes to break and clear away more armpit hairs. Shower after scrubbing away armpit hairs.