How to Not Get Stubble When Shaving Your Legs

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Shaving your legs may seem easy. After all, you really only need a razor, but if you're not careful when shaving you'll often find stubble up and down your legs. Stubble is short hair growth that is prickly and unwelcoming to the touch. Stubble occurs either when you haven't shaved your legs for a couple of days or when you don't get a close shave and tiny hairs still remain. You can often remedy leg stubble by using different shaving techniques.

Wet your legs with warm water two to three minutes before shaving and lather your legs with shaving gel. Warm water combined with shaving gel allows the blade to easily glide along the surface of your skin for a frictionless shave, which allows your razor to neatly cut all of your hairs rather than leaving some behind.

Use a sharp razor. Dull razors drag and tug at your hair instead of cutting it, which leaves behind stubble. Many razors have a lathering strip at the top of the razor that wears away when a razor is dull. If you have to push down on the razor when you shave, then the razor is too dull.

Shave against the hair growth. While shaving with the hair growth will still cut the hair, shaving against the hair growth results in a cleaner shave with little to no stubble. Apply gentle pressure when you shave.

Pass over each area on your leg two to three times to make sure you cut all of the hair.

Pull your skin with one hand if you're having trouble getting all of the hairs in a certain area. Pulling your skin makes the hair more accessible to your razor.