How to Painlessly Remove Genital Hair

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Many women have been removing their genital hair for years but the act has become more popular with men in recent years due in part to a trend called “manscaping.” While there are a handful of ways to remove genital hair, most techniques are painful. Waxing, for example, is often unpleasant due to the combination of hot wax and the hair getting ripped from the roots. This causes pain and can leave the underlying skin red for up to one day after. Removing genital hair or pubic hair doesn’t have to be a painful or traumatic if using the correct method.

Shave using shaving cream and a razor. If the hair is longer, use a trimmer or clippers to cut the hair so it isn’t so long and more manageable for the razor. Apply a handful of shaving cream to the region and shave one stroke upward. Shave the same area again going downward. This will help prevent razor burn and razor bumps from developing. Shaving should be painless unless you accidentally cut or nick yourself with the razor blade.

Use a depilatory cream and lotion, which dissolves hair on the skin’s surface. Apply the amount of cream or lotion to the genital hair as directed on the depilatory label. Wait the amount of time directed and wipe the hair away with a dry towel. Some depilatories are made only for the bikini line area, so read the label carefully to see if you can use it on other areas of the pubic region.

Contact your doctor or dermatologist to get laser hair removal done on your genital hair. A laser destroys the foot of each hair follicle to prevent it from ever growing back. Most laser hair removal treatments consist of numerous visits to destroy all of the hair follicles and the process is usually painless.