Alternatives to Tweezers

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Tweezing is relatively easy, but you may want a more efficient way to banish unwanted hair. Whether you’re looking to shape your eyebrows or just remove a few stray hairs, alternate methods of removal may be preferable.

Wax It Away

Waxing quickly removes hair from the face and body. Typically, warm wax is spread thinly over the area being treated and then pulled away, often using strip of cloth, taking the hair with it. The pain of waxing can be intense, though, and it may leave swollen patches of red skin behind. Be sure to treat the skin with lotion after waxing.

Brow Threading

Threading away hairs involves moving a cotton string over the hair to catch it and pull it out by the root. It's mainly used to depilate eyebrows and the upper lip. Threading can be painful and may cause redness and breakouts, though “The Daily Mail” reports that it keeps you hair-free for up to six weeks.