How do I Remove Hair From My Head?

shaving man image by Mat Hayward from

The most common and thorough way of removing hair from the head at home is shaving. Whether you want to remove the signs of your thinning hair, want to try out a new style, or are recovering from an awful haircut, shaving your head can be a viable option. A regular razor and some shaving cream can remove the hair completely from the surface of the scalp, provided you use electric trimmers or scissors to trim hair down a bit before shaving.

Trim any long hair from your head using the manicure scissors, leaving hair that is a quarter inch long or less. Your razor or electric trimmer will have too much trouble and get clogged if you use it on longer hair.

Wet your head.

Lather up shaving cream on your head, covering any spots you want to shave.

Shave with long, smooth strokes. For a closer shave, shave against the grain.

Run the blade under water periodically to get rid of little hairs and extra shaving cream.

Check the mirror for any missing spots, and shave any areas with hair remaining.

Rinse any loose hairs from your head.

Moisturize your head with some aloe lotion.