How to Trim a Fu Man Chu Beard

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Whether you sport a Fu Manchu beard because it makes you feel more like the rebellious Chinese villain it was named after or you just like the unique look, you still need to keep it groomed properly with regular trimming and shaving. There are some techniques and tools that can help you keep your Fu Manchu beard in tip-top shape. When properly groomed, your short or long Fu Manchu style is sure to turn heads.

Trimming and Maintaining Your Fu Manchu Beard

Wash your beard with soap and water and dry it thoroughly, or lather it with shaving cream.

Looking in the mirror, use your electric shaver or razor to shave all the hair of your beard except a thin mustache above your top lip and the hair continuing in bars from that strip, down the sides of your mouth to the jawline ( You can also leave a small triangular patch of hair in the middle of your chin below your bottom lip.

Continuing to look in the mirror, use your fine-toothed comb to smooth your Fu Manchu beard.

Use your barber scissors to trim any stray hairs sticking up from your Fu Manchu beard, keeping it as close to your face as you want it. You can also use a beard trimmer to shave the hair even closer, if you prefer that look. Trim the two sides and bottom of your beard as short as you want to keep it---at, above or below the jawline.

Apply a little mustache wax to finish off your Fu Manchu beard-trimming session with some shine and style.