How to Trim a Thin Beard

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Beards come in all varieties, just like hair on top of the head. Some beards are thick and curly, some are long and wispy, and others are thin and patchy. Styling a beard is a common hygienic undertaking for males who prefer to keep their face looking neat and sharp. Men can shape and mold their beard to suit any occasion using a pair of scissors, a razor and a set of styling clippers. Thin beards, though harder to style, can also be tamed using these basic tools.

Wash your face and beard using a mild soap and warm water. Pat yourself dry using a towel or rag.

Set the clippers or mustache trimmer with the proper guard height for your desired beard length. Carefully go over the entire beard several times with the guarded clippers, first from top to bottom, then bottom to top. Remove the guard when the beard is even and blow or brush any hair remaining from the clipper blades.

Trim lengthy sideburns with a pair of small hair scissors until you reach the desired blend or length. Wipe the scissors when finished.

Wet your face with warm water and apply shaving cream, leaving only the beard uncovered. Carefully shave the desired parts of your face in the direction of the hair growth, being careful not the shave the beard. Rinse your face and the razor when complete.

Go over the beard using the unguarded clippers to trim the beard even thinner. You can trim your beard just a little further, or you can shape it to a very thin line, only a couple of strands of hair wide, that wraps around your face. Use a mirror to view both sides to make sure they are even. Blow or brush the clippers clean when finished, and apply a small dab of clipper oil to them to preserve their life.