How to Trim Black Men's Mustaches

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Beard and mustache wearing is making a comeback. The style, once thought to be the sign of a lazy or irresponsible personality, has become chic again. Beards and mustaches for black and white men are similar, in terms of maintenance. Grooming a black man's mustache doesn't require any special tools, just a little practice and maybe a consultation from your barber.

Wet the mustache hair and comb it through to release any tangles or hairs that are stuck.

Clip the bottom edge first -- right above your lip -- to the desired length. Go slow, so that you don't get too big of a cut or it will change the entire appearance of the mustache.

Trim the entire mustache with the beard trimmers to thin it out. Use the guards provided with your trimmer to change the depth of the trim to suit your needs.

Cut the top edge of the mustache with the small scissors to shape the final style. This helps the top edge lay neatly on top of the rest of the mustache without appearing bushy. Tiny clips are all that is needed to ensure you don't cut too much off.

Comb through the mustache again to get any stray hairs out and to check that there aren't any long ones left.