How to Use Gel on a Beard

by Gryphon Adams ; Updated September 28, 2017

Lightly-applied beard gel keeps your beard neat.

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Using gel on a beard can help keep beard hairs in place and project a well-cared-for appearance. Grooming offers the key to maintaining an attractive beard and avoiding an unkempt look. To present a professional appearance, groom a beard daily. Using the right gel and following basic tips for applying it correctly gives effective results and avoids common problems. Learn to add beard gel to your morning routine to keep your beard looking its best all day.

Shower or wash your face, including your beard. Pat your beard with a towel to remove excess water.

Comb out your beard to remove tangles, if you have a long or curly beard. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of gel onto your fingertips. Stroke the gel onto your beard, beginning at the top of your beard growth and following the natural shape of the beard to the end of the beard hairs.

Apply the gel to your entire beard, going lightly on any areas of lighter growth such as your cheeks and neck to avoid an oily appearance. Shape your beard with your fingers, stroking in a downward motion to style your beard hairs into place.


  • Aloe vera gel has the advantage of soothing skin irritation. Apply it to any area of of your skin that you shave, such as your neck, in addition to using it for beard and mustache styling. Use a gel formulated specifically for beards, if you buy gel. Hair gels can create a dry coating that flakes off, creating a dandruff-like effect. Choose an unscented product to avoid clashing with other products and to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Using conditioner on your beard can help make it softer and more manageable. You can use regular conditioner for hair and apply it when you shower. Rinse it out thoroughly, as residue can cause flaking.

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