How to Make a Mustache Bushy

by Leonard Dozier ; Updated September 28, 2017

The Frenchman Paul Bert famously wore a bushy mustache Images

The mustache can symbolize power, class or distinction. Some of the most notable figures in history, including Albert Einstein, wore mustaches. Einstein's thicker and more bushy mustache is still worn by men who can achieve the look. The ability of an individual to grow facial hair plays a large part in growing a bushy mustache.

Allow your mustache to grow. Refrain from cutting or having it trimmed. Let any facial stubble grow for four to six weeks.

Comb your mustache out as it begins to form to loosen the curls so that the hair straightens. Use a comb with little space in between the teeth to ensure that you can straighten and trim your mustache properly.

Comb out the mustache so that it extends slightly over the lip line. Allow it to extend to the middle of the nose just below the tip.

Use scissors to trim any excess hair extending beyond the middle of the nose. Avoid brushing your mustache.


  • In some cases, a thick mustache may grow to the corners of your lips. Crop this hair with a pair of scissors if it becomes uncomfortable or aesthetically unpleasing.

    Eating a diet that includes fish, fruits, vegetables and meat can aid in growing your facial hair. Also, taking vitamins A, B, C, and E can be a valuable aid.

    Genetics may also be a factor in growing mustaches.

    A shape-up of your mustache from a barber can make a bushy mustache look more appealing.

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