How to Line Your Mustache

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Mustaches are a beautiful thing — when done right. Facial hair grows regularly, so it is important to practice an effective mustache trimming routine. Mustache maintenance will line your mustache and enhance its look on your face.

Trim the ends of your mustache. Using either scissors or a beard trimmer, trim your mustache so it is not growing past the corners of you lips. If you cut at a slight angle upward from the corners of your mouth, it will line your mustache vertically, framing it in the center of your face.

Brush your mustache downward to straighten the hairs. Mustache hairs tend to curl, resulting in an uneven line if your do not correct it with your mustache brush.

Align your mustache with your upper lip. Trim all the hairs that extend past the top of your upper lip with scissors. The line of your mustache should fall along the contours of your upper line. Relax your mouth while trimming so that your mustache will line up with your natural lip shape.