How to Make Eyebrows Grow in One Direction

by Genevieve Van Wyden

You’re a becoming a young woman and you want your eyebrows to look good. Your mother has given you permission to pluck your eyebrows, but you’re not sure where to start. When you look in the mirror, you get worried because it seems like your eyebrows grow in more than one direction. By using a few simple tools and following a few easy directions, you can get your eyebrows into the most attractive shape for your face.

Items you will need

  • Light source
  • Mirror
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Tweezers
Step 1

Look at your eyebrows in a mirror. Make sure you’re able to do so in a well-lighted bathroom so you can find tiny, stray brow hairs that don’t follow the natural line of your brows.

Step 2

Brush your eyebrows from the inner corners of your eyes out toward the edges of your face so they all fall in the same direction. Notice their natural shape, then begin plucking one hair at a time.

Step 3

Pluck the hairs in between your eyebrows as well as those that grow well away from your natural browline.

Step 4

Pluck any stray hairs from the sides of your eyebrows -- both the inner and outer edges -- in order to create a cleaner brow line.


  • Don’t pluck from above your eyebrows unless you have stray hairs that are obviously growing above the browline.

    If your eyebrows are messy, growing in more than one direction and it’s more than you feel you can do correctly, visit a cosmetologist for the first tweezing.


  • Pluck your eyebrows when you’ve just gotten out of the shower when your pores are open.

    Don’t pluck in the morning. Do the job at night so you won’t go out with reddened eyebrows.

    Don’t try to change the natural line of your eyebrows. Tweeze only so you remove stray hairs and maintain your natural browline.

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