How to Groom Curly Eyebrows

Eyes and brow

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Curly eyebrows often make you appear older than you actually are. Grooming curly eyebrows helps open up your eyes and changes the overall appearance of your face. Depending on how quickly your eyebrows grow, you may need to trim them once a month or as often as once a week. Trim and groom them carefully. It is always easy to take a little more off. But once it's gone, it takes awhile to grow back.

Determine a shape for your eyebrows. This is important whether you are a man or a woman. Place a pencil directly next to your nose to help you figure out exactly where your eyebrows should begin. If you have straggling curly hairs between your eyes, you will want to pluck them. Your eyebrows should end around the corner of your eye.

Brush your eyebrows with a clean toothbrush or eyebrow brush. Combing through your curls can help you determine their shape.

Wash your face with warm water. This helps open up your pores before you do any plucking, making tweezing easier. Start pulling individual hairs one row at a time with your tweezers. Begin closest to your nose and work your way out toward the corner of your eye. Grab any stragglers between your eyes as well.

Trim any excess curl with scissors. In a sweeping motion, brush the curls from your eye directly upward. Use the toothbrush or eyebrow brush to hold the curls in place with one hand. With your dominant hand, carefully trim curls that stick out above the brush. Cut small amounts in the beginning to avoid grooming away most of your eyebrow.

Brush your eyebrows after you pluck and trim. Look at yourself at different angles in the mirror to determine if you need additional grooming. It may be helpful to get your eyebrows wet before you do any additional trimming. Re-wetting your hairs and allowing them to re-curl after trimming gives you the opportunity to see any curls that you may have missed.