How to Trim a Beard for Kissing

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Trim your beard to make your face more kissable. Women may complain that your beard is too long, itchy and scratchy, or it leaves a rash on their face after they kiss you. If you are partial to your facial hair, do not fret; the problem can be solved with a little trim. While you can visit a barber shop for the trim, it is just as simple to purchase a pair of clippers and scissors to do the job yourself. In addition, purchasing the items allows you to trim your beard before any date that may involve kissing.

Stand in front of a mirror with plenty of lighting and assess the length of your beard. You want to be able to see yourself clearly as you work.

Comb through your beard with a beard comb or fine-tooth comb. This will ensure that the hairs are facing the same direction and upwards for the most accurate trim.

Insert the comb into the beard and use it as a barrier between the scissors and your skin. You can adjust the height of the beard by pulling the comb slightly away from the skin; however, to be kissable, you may want to trim close to the skin.

Cut the hairs along the back of the beard slowly and steadily. Work around the entire exterior of the beard by combing the hairs and cutting along the comb line. When you move around your face, make sure the length is the same throughout your entire beard.

Trim the beard hairs with clippers in addition to or instead of scissors. Clippers come with different guard sizes that allow for short trims or long trims. To trim your beard close to your face, you will want a 1/2 guard or 1 guard. These sizes will leave hair on your face, but cut close enough so it will not bother her face when kissing.

Comb through your beard again. Look closely to ensure the beard is the same length throughout.