How to Shorten Eyelashes

Evolution has influenced the human body to survive under the harshest of climates and conditions. The body's facial features all have mechanisms that keep individuals safe and alive. Eyelashes play the crucial role of not only being aesthetically beautiful--making an individual more attractive to his or her mate--but are designed to keep foreign particles from entering the eye and irritating its surface, which can initiate chronic vision problems. Eyelashes that are too long can cause irritation when hairs fall into the eye. Eyelashes can be shortened to reduce this irritation and to create a more natural, clean appearance.

Use a wide, clear mirror to clearly see the eyelashes. Trim the eyelashes with small scissors. Start on the outside of the eye, trimming each eyelash strand-by-strand to desired length. Caution on cutting away too much of the lashes.

Trim both sets of eyelashes. Check to trim all eyelashes that may have become uneven. Use a washcloth to rinse eyes with cool water to remove any remaining eyelash hairs near the eyes or on the face.

Using an eyelash curler will bend the lashes, shortening them by curling the eyelashes upwards. Use the eyelash curler in between trims to maintain short eyelashes.

Clean up the appearance of the eyelashes by coating them with a non-clumping mascara.

Never pull or tug on eyelashes when finished trimming and coating. Talk to a doctor if Trichotillomania, or the urge to pull out eyelashes, occur.

Eyelashes tend to grow back every three to six months. Keep them short and trimmed by cutting them when needed.