How to Keep Eyelashes From Sticking

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Using mascara can sometimes make eyelashes clump, creating less-than-desirable "spider lashes". Fortunately, lashes can be separated quite easily, although it make take some time to find a solution that works well for you. Experiment with different ideas and solutions, particularly with different mascaras, to see what works best for you and keeps your eyelashes looking long, supple and separated.

Curl your eyelashes, if you have issues with them sticking together at the corners. This can help create a definitive line between your lashes and separate them.

Use your finger to pull your upper lashes up, closer to your eyebrow -- for eyelashes sticking together at the corner -- if you do not want to use an eyelash curler.

Purchase an eyebrow brush, or use very fine-tooth comb for eyelashes that stick together with their neighbors. Comb through them with the tool, until they are separated.

Use mascara that is specifically made to keep from clumping. Some mascaras have special wands that keep eyelashes from clumping, while others have different formulas that strive to keep eyelashes separate. Experiment with different brands and wands to see what works for you.

Keep your mascara wands clean. If there are clumps of mascara on the wand, clumps will likely transfer to your eyelashes.