How to Pluck Eyelashes

An eyelash that is loo long or constantly falls into your eye can cause real irritation. If you have experienced this, it may be neccessary to pluck the stray eyelash. Although plucking an eyelash may be painful, it is worth it considering the effect.

Determine which eyelashes need to be plucked. Determine the eyelashes that are unusually longer than average or irritate your ability to see.

Clean your eyelashes. Make sure that your eyelashes are clean before you pluck them. Wipe eyes with a damp rag to prevent dirt, debris and make-up product from falling into the eye. As this could cause infection.

Use tweezers. Just as you would pluck your eyebrows, you can use a similar technique when plucking eyelashes. Get a pair of tweezers and grasp the eyelash that you would like to pluck.

Pull the eyelash with the tweezers until it is removed. This will be mildly painful, so you might want to grip the area around the eye to lessen the impact of the pull.

Condition your eyes. Once your have plucked your eyelashes, apply an eye-safe conditioner to the eyelid. This will prevent irritation and encourage healing.