How Much Does Eyelash Perming Cost?


eyelash perming is a cosmetic procedure that uses chemicals to make your curled eyelashes stay in place. Eyelash perming is the permanent solution to eyelash curling, which must be done every day. You can get your eyelashes permed at local salons that offer this service. Eyelash perming is a fairly new procedure that is not yet approved by the F.D.A. Although some consider eyelash perming to be dangerous, the cosmetic procedure may be worth the risk if you are particularly concerned about way your eyelashes curl.


Eyelash perming is a new procedure that was developed in the 1990s and gained popularity around 2000. Eyelash perming began at specialty salons in New York and Los Angeles, but you can now find locations for eyelash perming just about anywhere in the United States. Over the past few years, at-home eyelash perm kits have become available, allowing individuals to perm their eyelashes like they would perform an at-home perm on their hair.


The recommended way to get your eyelashes permed is at a salon that specializes in eyelash perming, like The Beauty Box in Los Angeles, or Salon de Grace in New York. An appointment with a specialty salon ranges from $30 to $70 for both lashes. You can also make an appointment with a cosmetician at a hair or nail salon that also performs eyelash perms and eyelash extensions. You may not be given an eyelash perm expert, but the service will be priced a little lower, from $15 to $30 for both lashes.


Another way to get your eyelashes permed is to buy an eyelash perming kit at your local beauty supply store or online. Home eyelash perming is not recommended for use without consulting a professional. The gel used in eyelash perming is not approved by the F.D.A., so attempting to perm your own eyelashes is at your own risk. Because eyelash perming gels contain harsh chemicals, take great care not to get the gel on your skin or in your eyes. Follow the instructions exactly if you are going to attempt to perm your eyelashes yourself. An at-home eyelash perming kit ranges in price from $10 to $30.


The effects of eyelash perming, especially frequent eyelash perming, are breakage, losing eyelashes, burning or itchy eyelids and dry, brittle lashes. There are several eyelash conditioners on the market, but take care to follow the instructions and do not get eyelash conditioner in your eyes. Eyelash conditioners cost from $6 to $100 per tube and are usually applied with a mascara applicator wand. It is safe to use mascara on your permed eyelashes, but always remove the mascara carefully with baby oil or eye-makeup remover and a washcloth before going to bed. Do not attempt to curl permed eyelashes, since they will break and fall off more quickly. Eyelash perms last about 3 months. Do not get eyelash perms more frequently than every 3 months.


Because eyelash perming is just reaching its height of popularity, long-term effects are not yet known. Eyelash perming gel contains harsh chemicals that are not meant for use around the eyes, including sodium bromate, ammonia and alcohol. Before perming your own eyelashes, speak to a professional and get a consultation. If you experience burning in your eyes or on your eyelids, major eyelash loss or itchy, red eyes, see a doctor and let him know that you have permed your eyelashes. If you get eyelash perming gel in your eyes, contact the Poison Control Center immediately.