How Long Does It Take to Grow Back Eyebrows?

Whether you've been overzealous in waxing, tweezing or threading -- or just want a more prominent brow look -- your too-thin eyebrows should usually grow back in four to six months.

Debunking the Myths

Rumor has it: "If you pluck, wax or shave, the hairs will just grow back thicker and more coarse." Not true. In fact, some likely won't grow back at all because follicles will be scarred. That's why estheticians will tell you that if you wax fairly regularly, you won't need to remove as much eyebrow hair as time goes on. But naturally, some will still grow back.

Contrary to urban legend, too, it doesn't matter which method you use to remove the hair; it will grow back at about the same rate whether you tweeze, wax or have your arches threaded.

Get Them Growing

Eyebrows grow in a three- to four-month cycle of anagen, catagen and telogen phases -- the latter is when the old hair falls out and the new comes in. Best bet to get those brows regrowing, says Los Angeles salon-owner Kristie Streicher in New York magazine, is to not tweeze or wax at all -- for 15 weeks. They'll grow in uneven, but you can neaten them up after you wait it out.

For Chemo Patients

Cancer patients may lose some eyebrow hair, but eyebrows and lashes are not as susceptible to loss from chemotherapy as is the hair on the head, which has a different growth cycle. Eyebrow wigs are a possibility if loss is noticeable and the patient wishes to enhance her brows.