Side Effects of Veet Waxing Strips

Image by, courtesy of Andrea Rinaldi

Waxing removes hair at the root and can leave the skin smoother than some razors. When used correctly, home-waxing kits such as VEET® Salon Line™ Ready to Use Wax Strips can deliver an effect similar to professional waxing.

Time Frame

According to the Veet website, waxing strips users should have smooth skin for up to four weeks. The rate at which the hair grows back varies from person to person.


Before using Veet, the manufacturer recommends applying the wax to a small part of the area to be treated, then monitor for adverse reactions for 24 hours.


Your skin may turn red after waxing, and some people develop small red bumps where they waxed, depending on skin sensitivity.


According to Women’s Health magazine, waxing in general is risky because it can pull off tiny pieces of the skin’s outermost layer. When this layer is removed, bacteria are more likely to enter your body.


After waxing, check for open sores, cuts, rashes or ingrown hairs. See your doctor if you experience peeling skin, a fever, or itching and burning.