How to Use Stripless Film Wax


Stripless film wax is a type of hot wax that is said to be less painful than other waxes. It is most commonly used on smaller areas such as underarms, the top lip, eyebrows and bikini areas. When using any wax at home, you should experiment with it to see whether it works for you.

Heat the stripless film wax according to manufacturer's directions. Each type of wax needs to be heated to a specific temperature. Some wax can even be heated in a microwave.

Apply the wax to clean skin in one direction, using the applicator provided. Wax should be spread with the growth of the hair in a thin layer.

Allow wax to cool. Film wax tends to cool much more quickly than traditional hot waxes. It should be pliable even when completely cool.

Remove the wax. Since stripless wax does not need a cloth strip, you will be pulling the wax directly. Pull in the opposite direction from how you applied it (against the growth of the hair).

Repeat the steps until the area is completely free of hair. Work in small areas for the most effective treatments. You may need to use small touch-up strips to remove hair that grows in a different direction than that of the rest of the hair. This is especially true with underarms.

Use a soothing balm or aloe lotion to control redness and swelling in the area that was waxed. Your skin should return to normal in a couple of hours. Avoid exposure to sun and submerging in water until the redness subsides.

Expect to treat the waxed area every 3 to 6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. In between treatments, exfoliate your skin to avoid ingrown hairs and red bumps.