No-Tweeze Hair Remover Instructions

No-Tweeze Hard Wax Hair Remover is a waxing product that removes unwanted hair from the root. Unlike other waxes, it does not require the use of cloth strips to aid in removing the hair. It is mostly used on the bikini area, eyebrows, upper lip and chin. No-Tweeze Hard Wax is made of organic materials including beeswax and plant gum rosin.


The No-Tweeze Hair Remover must be heated in an electric warmer (not on a stove top or over open flame) until it is warm and pliable. According to the manufacturer, it must be at a "peanut butter-like consistency" at the edges but not throughout. Always test the temperature to make sure it's not too hot; otherwise the wax can burn your skin.

Before using the wax, make sure skin is clean and dry. Apply the No-Tweeze Hard Wax onto the area to be waxed with the applicator stick. Make sure to apply in the direction of hair growth. Smooth the wax over the hair and press down firmly. Do not put a cloth strip over it. Pull skin tight, hold one end of the wax and pull it off quickly at a 45 degree angle against the direction of hair growth. Repeat until all offending hair has been removed. Reheat the wax if necessary--for example, if the wax cools and hardens too much for proper use.

After waxing, you can soothe redness and irritation by applying the No-Tweeze Aloe Azulene Skin Recovery Complex or any other aloe-based lotion or cream. Some kits also come with the No-Tweeze Desensitizing Solution that helps to numb the area to make waxing less painful.

Other tips: When waxing hair from the bikini area, make sure hair is no longer than a quarter of an inch long. Hair that is longer may prevent the wax from working effectively. If you accidentally get the No-Tweeze on an area you do not intend to wax, press an ice cube onto the wax for about two minutes to harden it. Then gently crumble it with your finger or a small eyebrow brush.