The Best Temperature for Wax Hair Removal

There are many hair removal options available today, from laser hair removal to shaving to waxing. Waxing is a very effective method, as it pulls hair out directly from the root. You can achieve this by sugar waxing, cold waxing or hot waxing. Hot waxing, one of the oldest and most common forms, is cheaper than a salon wax and easy to do with practice.

Hot Wax Overview

First, choose a type of hot wax. Many are available for less than $10. Make sure you have any other necessary ingredients, like cloth strips and oil to remove excess wax once the process is complete.

Heating the Wax: Proper Temperature

The next step is to heat the wax. Pay special attention to how hot the wax becomes. If the wax is too hot, it may burn your skin, and if it is too cold, it will not melt enough to cover and adhere to hair follicles. A spa boutique in Santa Monica recommends maintaining the wax at a temperature higher than 105.8°F, or 41°C ( The spa itself keeps its wax at 150° F, or "about the same temperature as a steak you pull off a bar-b-que." This temperature also serves to prevent bacteria growth in the wax. Note that wax cools enormously once it touches your skin, so it will not be unbearably hot. However, use caution at all times.