The Calories in a McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot Fudge Sundae Ice Cream

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McDonald's 32,000 restaurants offer everything from breakfast to burgers and fries to desserts. One of their best known desserts is the hot fudge sundae. The calorie count should be considered before indulging.


Vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with chocolate fudge and nuts are the components of McDonald's ice cream sundae. Alternative toppings include strawberry sauce or hot caramel.

Nutrition Facts

A 6.3-oz. hot fudge sundae has 330 calories. The fat content is 10 g, of which, 7 g are saturated fat. In addition, the dessert has 48 g of sugar, 8 g protein and 250 mg calcium.


Although McDonald's hot fudge sundae may be a tasty and convienent snack or a sweet ending to a meal, consumers should consider the nutrition facts. According to the American Heart Association, saturated fat should be limited to 7 percent of daily calories; that's 16 g if your daily calorie needs are 2,000. One sundae meets half of this recommendation.