How to Make a Hot Toddy With Peppermint

The hot toddy is a popular hot drink with numerous variations. Peppermint leaves add a minty aroma and flavor to the traditional beverage. Hot toddies are known for their ability to warm the body and soothe a sore throat. This recipe yields one 8 oz. serving of hot toddy with peppermint, but it easily can be doubled or tripled to make a larger batch. Omit the alcohol for a non-alcoholic version of the drink.

Place the dried peppermint leaves in the bottom of a heat-proof mug. Pour 6 oz. of boiling water over the top of the leaves. Allow the mixture to steep for at least 10 minutes.

Remove the cover and strain the liquid into another clean, heat-proof mug by pouring it through a small tea strainer or coffee filter. Discard the spent herbs in the garbage can or compost pile.

Add the rum, honey and brown sugar to the hot toddy mixture. Stir well to combine until the sugar and honey have completely dissolved.

Garnish the hot toddy mug with a fresh lemon wedge and add a cinnamon stick for stirring, if desired. Serve immediately while the drink is still hot for the best results.