How to Mix Almond-Flavored Tequila

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Almond-flavored tequila packs more nuttiness and less punch than regular tequila. Classified as a liqueur, almond tequila has a proof of less than 60 -- or 30 percent alcohol, and it blends seamlessly into a wide arrange of cocktails. If you have a bottle of almond-flavored tequila in your arsenal, a new world of mixology awaits you, and if you don't, you can whip up some of your own.

Mixing Madness

Step 1

Mix almond-flavored tequila as a shooter. Pour a shot into a shaker tin filled with ice; shake and then strain into a shot glass. Almond-flavored tequila does not have to be chilled and shot straight -- it mixes well with other specialty liqueurs. Mix equal parts each of almond-flavored tequila and Irish cream for a creamy shot or equal parts almond-flavored tequila, cranberry juice and club soda for a fruity and fizzy one.

Step 2

Mix almond-flavored tequila into a margarita. Substitute a third of the tequila in a margarita with almond-flavored tequila; cut back on both simple syrup and sugar so the margarita isn't too sweet. Substitute the regular tequila completely and mix with other juices, such as orange or pineapple, for a more exotic margarita. Float a shot on top of a frozen margarita or a "beer-rita," which is a frozen margarita with an upended full bottle of beer.

Step 3

Drop a shot of almond-flavored tequila into your favorite hot beverage. Mix a shot with hot coffee, then add a sprinkle of cinnamon, whipped cream and chocolate shavings for a tasty dessert drink. Pour a shot of the liqueur into a cup of hot chocolate -- either dark or Mexican chocolate -- or add a shot to a specialty coffee drink like a mocha, cappuccino or even a chai latte.

Booze It Yourself

Step 1

Crush a cup of almonds with the mortar and pestle.

Step 2

Slice a vanilla bean pod down the middle lengthwise to expose the beans inside.

Step 3

Add almonds and vanilla bean pod halves to a bottle of tequila and seal it. Let it infuse for at least three days.

Step 4

Strain the tequila bottle's contents into the empty bottle for almond-flavored tequila.

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