Mixed Drinks Using Blue Curacao & Coconut Rum

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Drinks with blue Curacao and coconut rum, two strong tropical flavors on their own, are like little Caribbean cruises in a glass. Blue Curacao comes from the skins of the laraha fruit, which is a close relation to Valencia oranges, and has bittersweet citrus flavors. Coconut rum is white or light rum flavored with a strong coconut flavor and hints of almonds and chocolate. Blue Curacao and coconut drinks are plentiful and can enliven any kind of social gathering -- whether it's in the tropics or not.

Simply Spirited

Both coconut rum and blue Curacao are a flavorful combination for quick and simple libations. The simplest is the tropical dream, which is just equal parts coconut rum, blue Curacao and pineapple juice on the rocks with a cherry garnish. Chill and strain the cocktail for an easy shot or substitute the pineapple juice with peach schnapps and top with a few splashes of sweet-and-sour mix for a grand blue. Mix equal parts coconut rum, blue Curacao and melon liqueur on the rocks and top with pineapple juice for a Caribbean breeze.

On Some Faraway Beach

The exotic flavors of both coconut rum and blue Curacao are foolproof for island cocktails. The crowd favorite is the blue Hawaiian, which 3 parts coconut rum, 2 parts blue Curacao, 4 parts pineapple juice and 1 part sweet and sour mix served on the rocks or chilled in a martini glass -- blend it for a frozen version. Another surfy cocktail is the Jamaican cooler, which brings some tequila into the fold. Mix 2 parts each tequila, coconut rum and blue Curacao and 1 part pineapple juice on the rocks.

Frozen Tropical Storms

Beat the heat with a creamy coconut rum and blue Curacao mixed drink. A tropical tea adds a little more juice and some milk for a delicious cocktail. Blend 3 parts each coconut rum and melon liqueur, 2 parts blue Curacao, 6 parts each coconut milk and orange and pineapple juices with ice, then garnish with a cherry and an orange slice. The bam-bam cocktail, with hints of coffee and Irish cream, is more of a dessert drink. Mix equal parts coconut rum, blue Curacao, vodka, Irish cream and coffee liqueur on the rocks, then top with milk.

Fruity and Loopy

Some coconut rum and blue Curacao cocktails just pile on the fruit. The cat killer is both fruity and potent -- mix 1 part each coconut rum, blue Curacao, 151 proof rum, peach schnapps, banana and melon liqueurs on ice and top with equal parts cranberry, pineapple and orange juices. Don't let the Afghan monkey cocktail's milkshake-like appearance fool you -- it has a lot of kick. Mix on ice 4 parts each coconut rum and melon liqueur, 3 parts each blue Curacao and banana liqueur, top with pineapple juice, then add a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry on top.