How to Make Strawberry Slushies

by Serena Styles

Strawberry slushies are chilly, naturally sweet treats you can make in your own kitchen. Whip up simple strawberry slushies for a relaxed summer evening or dress them up to a fancier drink suitable for entertaining. Regardless of your plans for the strawberry slushies, you'll have your first taste in less than 15 minutes once you get started.

Fill a blender with frozen strawberries, and then add enough liquid to just cover the fruit. Use about 1 cup of strawberries per person.

Pulse the blender on high until all of the strawberries have pureed into the liquid. The smoothie should be thick and icy, but if it isn't, blend in a few more frozen strawberries or a handful of ice cubes.

Taste the slushie mix and add a sweetener -- sugar, honey or artificial sweetener -- to adjust the flavor according to your preferences. Pulse the blender to mix in the sweetener. Taste the slushuie again and repeat the process as needed.

Remove the lid from your blender. For a fancier presentation, dip the rim of each glass into the slushie mix, a bit of the liquid you used or honey, and then dip it into granulated sugar. Rimming the glass is optional.

Pour the slushie into glasses. Garnish each glass with a fresh strawberry on the rim, or place it in the slushie if you'd like to dress up the presentation further.


  • The liquid you use will affect the flavor of your slushie almost as much as the strawberries will, so pick one you like. Experiment with different liquids each time you make strawberry slushies until you find your favorite. Try milk, orange juice, unsweetened lemonade and pineapple juice.

    If you don't have frozen strawberries, use fresh ones and then add enough ice to give the drink the right consistency.

    You can modify your strawberry slushie by adding other types of frozen fruit, cocoa powder, nuts, seeds, yogurt, cottage cheese and other ingredients.

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