Foods From Rainforest Plants

by Susan Elliott ; Updated September 28, 2017

Foods From Rainforest Plants

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Over half of the food eaten today comes from the rainforest. Rainforest foods provide essential vitamins and fiber. These plants are generally fat free, and saturated fat free. Eating a diet rich in these foods will promote a healthy lifestyle.


The banana is not a fruit, but an herb. It is a good source of vitamin C and potassium. It is also fat free, saturated fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free. The banana is a good source of fiber.


Mangos are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin A. This oblong fruit is low in fat, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, and sodium free.


The guava is a green skinned fruit with a pink center. It is a good source of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. It is also low in fat, saturated fat free, sodium and cholesterol free. The guava also contains fiber.


The coconut fruit is a great source of fiber. It is low in sodium and cholesterol free.


Fresh unprocessed figs are a good source of fiber and potassium. They are fat free, cholesterol free, and sodium free. Figs come in a variety of shades from white to deep purple. The skin on this fruit is also edible.


Avocados are oblong in shape with a light green to dark green skin, depending on the variety.

This fruit is sodium free, low in saturated fats, and cholesterol free.

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