How to Peel Guava

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The guava is a popular fruit native to South America. It has long since been naturalized to many other warm climate areas of the world, including Southeast Asia, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Florida and Africa. Guava is a traditional meal ingredient for many cultures, including Hawaiian, Pakistan and Indian societies. Once you learn to peel the guava fruit, there are endless ways to enjoy this delicious, vitamin-filled treat.

Peeling Guava

Purchase a ripe guava that is slightly firm under pressure. Look for a light yellow color to identify the ripest fruit.

Slice the guava in half lengthwise with a knife. Cut evenly to avoid wasting fruit.

Use a melon baller (or knife) to scoop out the fruit, then place it into a bowl.

Remove seeds by hand or with the knife. Empty seeds in the garbage along with the fruit's peel.