How to Juice Kiwi Fruit

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Some people wipe off the fuzz and dig in, just as if it were an apple. Some people slice it in half and scoop out the juicy inside, holding it as if it were a dessert cup. If you’re ready to juice kiwi fruit, you can follow the lead of either approach by using the whole kiwi or just the succulent flesh. Select firm kiwis that recoil just a bit when they’re pressed. Juicing is fast and fun, and kiwi fruit makes the experience even more enjoyable because it plays a gracious host to other fruity inclusions.

Step 1

Slice the kiwi in half and taste the inside of the kiwi with a spoon. Kiwi can range in flavor from very sweet to very tart. Tasting the kiwi before juicing it can help you decide whether to remove the skin from the kiwi before putting it in your juicer or putting the whole kiwi in the juicer, skin and all. The somewhat bitter skin of a kiwi will help counteract the robust sweetness of the fruit.

Step 2

Consult the owner’s manual for your juicer. Many models recommend that you run the juicer for a minute or several minutes before inserting fruit or vegetables down the chute. Turn on your juicer and let it warm up accordingly.

Step 3

Cut one or two kiwis into pieces. Put the glass in place under the spout of the juicer. Place several handfuls of kiwi down the chute. Press down on the kiwi with the plunger and watch the kiwi juice flow into the cup.

Step 4

Taste the kiwi juice. Enhance the flavor by juicing some watermelon or grapes, using the same method, if you wish. Or add some apple juice to sweeten a more bitter mix. Either way, drink your kiwi fruit as soon as possible, while it's fresh.

Step 5

Use your kiwi juice as a base for a kiwi smoothie, if you like. Pour the kiwi juice into a blender, along with some yogurt and honey. Stir the mixture and then fill the blender with ice cubes. Blend the ingredients for a thick and satisfying drink.