How to Make Mixed Drinks From Amaretto Liqueur

by Chance E. Gartneer

Amaretto, an Italian liqueur originally made with almonds and apricot seeds, tastes of sweetened nuts. Found in many liquor cabinets and even kitchen cupboards, amaretto liqueur mixes nicely with many beverages for a wide range of cocktails. Make your own mixed drinks from amaretto liqueur by focusing on the basic mixology rules to create everything from straightforward shots to convoluted cocktails.

Serve amaretto on the rocks or straight up as a shot or a martini. Amaretto is good without mixers or fanfare because of its sweetness and nuttiness. Pour a shot on ice, garnish with a lemon or orange twist for a sipping drink, or mix it in a shaker tin filled with ice for a chilled shot. Pour double the amount and strain it into a martini glass for a sugary martini. Add a dash of club soda or cola to any of these drinks for a little fizz.

Mix amaretto with juice. The candied taste of amaretto liqueur complements sour juices, such as lime and lemon juice. Pour a shot of amaretto on the rocks, add a splash of lime juice and top with club soda to make an amaretto rose. Or mix equal parts amaretto, orange juice. and sweet and sour mix -- which is equal parts sugar, water, lemon and lime juices -- on the rocks for an amaretto stone sour. Skip the orange juice and mix 2 parts amaretto, 1 part sweet and sour mix, and 1 part club soda on the rocks for an amber amour.

Mix amaretto with soda. Pour a shot of amaretto in a tall glass with ice and top with club soda for an Italian tickler. Add a few splashes of orange juice to concoct a bocci ball, or substitute lemon-lime soda for more sweetness or ginger ale for some spice. Mix 1 part amaretto with 3 parts cola -- regular or diet -- on the rocks with a splash of lemon for an ambrosia supreme, or drop an amaretto shot into equal parts cola and beer for a cola-flavored shooter.

Mix amaretto with other liquors, as a primary or secondary ingredient. Mix equal parts amaretto, blue Curacao and orange juice on the rocks for an antifreeze cocktail, or equal parts amaretto and tequila on the rocks. Chill amaretto and serve it in a martini glass for a black cat. For creamier drinks, mix equal parts amaretto, Irish cream and coffee liqueur for a B-52 shot, or combine equal parts amaretto, Irish cream, creme de cacao and half-and-half in a highball glass for a yak's milk.

Items you will need

  • Cocktail shaker
  • Strainer
  • Glassware
  • Ice


  • Pour reduced amounts of amaretto liqueur -- up to one-third less -- for a similar taste but lower potency.


  • Amaretto liqueur may be sweet, but it's still pretty strong -- drink responsibly.

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