Triple Sec & Vodka Drinks

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If you favor drinks filled with flavor, a combination of triple sec and vodka is right up your alley. Vodka is a distilled grain drink that has a relatively mild flavor. It's ideal for using with mixers and even juice. Triple sec is clear like vodka, but in contrast, it is a sweet, strong orange-flavored liqueur. It's made from the peel of oranges found on the island of Curacao.


A tart drink made using triple sec and vodka, the Cosmopolitan is considered a feminine type of drink because it's pink in color and served in a cocktail glass. To make a Cosmopolitan, pour 1.5 oz. of vodka, 1 oz. lime juice, 0.75 oz. triple sec and 0.75 oz. of cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker that is filled about half-way with ice cubes. Shake it and then strain into a cocktail glass.

Blueberry Kamikaze

While standard vodka is clear and not flavored, there are other variations of vodka including raspberry, blueberry, watermelon and vanilla-flavored vodka. One such drink using raspberry vodka is called the Blueberry Kamikaze. In a cocktail shaker that is half-full of ice, combine 0.5 oz. raspberry liqueur, 0.5 oz. triple sec and 0.5 oz. raspberry vodka. Shake and strain it into a shot glass.

Blue Rain

Combine raspberry vodka and triple sec to create a Blue Rain martini. This is a colorful and classy drink. Fill up a cocktail shaker so that it's half filled with crushed ice. Add to that 2 oz. of raspberry vodka, a splash of lime juice, a splash of blue Curacao, and a splash of triple sec. Shake the ice and liquor, and strain it into a martini glass.


A Flirtini is tart, sweet and bubbly due to the addition of champagne to the liquor. In a cocktail shaker that is half-full of ice, add 1.25 oz. of raspberry vodka, a splash of lime juice, 1 oz. of pineapple juice, 1 oz. cranberry juice and 0.625 oz. of triple sec. Shake it all together and pour into a martini glass. Only fill the glass about two-thirds full. Pour champagne on top of the mixture until the martini glass is full.