What Is a Good Mixed Drink Using Tequila & Brandy?

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Some liquors with flavors you would think would never go well with each other, actually do; the pairing of tequila and brandy is one of these surprising combinations. Their joint success comes down to the right proportions and the other ingredients included in the cocktail -- meaning mixing just the two together wouldn't have the best of results. To create good mixed drinks with tequila and brandy, you need to step a little outside your mixology comfort zone.

Bleeding Weasel

The Bleeding Weasel gets its name from the cocktail's reddish tint. This cocktail works by mixing not only tequila and brandy, but also adding nine other ingredients, six of which are alcoholic. To make a Bleeding Weasel, pour equal parts vodka, gin, rum, coconut rum, triple sec, sweetened lime juice, tequila and brandy into a shaker tin filled with ice. Add pilsner beer at a ratio of 4-to-1, orange juice at a 16-1 ratio and grenadine at a 1-2 ratio with one of the previous ingredients. Shake and strain into highball glasses filled with ice.

Flying Cow

The Flying Cow is a frozen drink that leans heavily on sweet ingredients to blend with and complement the brandy and tequila. Ingredients include rum, vodka, coffee liqueur, a banana and cream. Pour each of the liquors into a blender filled with ice, add a banana -- 1 banana for each 5 parts liquor -- and a splash of cream. Secure the lid, blend on low to medium for about 10 seconds until the contents become a thick liquid. Pour into a highball or martini glass and garnish with a cocktail cherry.

Flaming Orgy

The Flaming Orgy is a shot that gets its name from the way the alcohols are layered, each one resting on a denser liquid. As typical with most shots, the Flaming Orgy only has two additional ingredients: creme de menthe, a mint-flavored liqueur, and grenadine, a common non-alcoholic red pomegranate-flavored mixer. Pour 1 part grenadine into a shot glass. Hold the head of a spoon upside down and over the shot glass with its edge touching the inside of the shot glass just above the liquid. In order, pour 1 part each of creme de menthe, brandy and tequila slowly over the spoon to create the shot's layered effect.

Sour Puss

The Sour Puss falls into the punch category of mixed drinks, officially because it contains fruit juice and is served in a punch bowl, and unofficially because it packs one. Fill a punch bowl with ice and add equal parts vodka, rum, whiskey, sangria, grenadine, brandy and tequila. Then add margarita mix and grapefruit soda at an 8-1 ratio and fresh lemon juice at a 1-2 ratio with one of the previous liquors. You could also make a sour puss as an individual drink -- just pour quarter- or half-ounces instead of cups.