How to Use Nair Wax Strips

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When it comes to hair removal, the choices are varied. Nair wax strips provide quick hair removal without the mess of creams or lotions. Used correctly, these pre-waxed strips can result in smooth, hairless skin.

Cleanse the area. Make sure the area you are waxing is free of oils, lotions, moisturizers and sweat.

Dry the cleansed area. Dust the area you are waxing with talcum powder.

Take a wax strip and hold it between both hands. Gently massage the strip to warm and soften the wax.

Separate the warmed and softened strip by carefully pulling the sides apart, creating two strips.

Apply one strip to the area you wish to wax. Press down firmly on the strip and smooth it in the direction of the hair growth.

Remove the strip. Quickly pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Do not leave the strip on the skin or remove it slowly as this will result in wax sticking to your skin and it will hamper your results.