Can I Coat Chicken Wings in Cornstarch Before Deep-Frying?

by Christina Kalinowski

Deep-fried chicken wings are a welcome snack on game day. Frying in hot oil results in crisp, crunchy skin and a juicy, tender interior. To achieve a truly crunchy coating, chicken wings are breaded before they take their hot oil dive. Adding cornstarch to your breading or batter results in wings with an irresistibly crisp coating.

Crispy Cornstarch-Coated Chicken Wings

Adding cornstarch to the batter or breading mixture results in chicken wings that have a light, crisp and flaky texture reminiscent of a tempura batter. Simply add a hearty amount of cornstarch to your favorite batter and dip your wings or create a dry mixture of cornstarch and flour and dredge the wings before frying.


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