What Can I Substitute for Poppy Seeds in Chicken Curry?

by Aya Pauli

Chicken curry can be a mild or fiery dish, depending on the curry blend. The dish is made with curry powder, a mix that changes from region to region. While using poppy seeds as a garnish is typical, the dark seeds can also be mixed into the curry dish. Whether you’re out of the seeds or simply don’t care for their flavor, you can find many substitutes for poppy.

Poppy Seed Substitutes

Poppy seeds add a light, nutty flavor to chicken curry, so any replacement for the seeds needs to echo that same mellow taste. The most common replacements for poppy seeds are sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or flax seeds -- all of which have a slightly stronger burst of flavor due to their larger size. Cashews and peanuts are also tasty when paired with chicken curry.

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