How to Hot Comb Relaxed Hair

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About four weeks after having your hair relaxed, the roots of your hair may get curly making it hard for you to comb your hair. This is new hair growth. Most companies that manufacture hair relaxers recommend people who relax their hair wait six to eight weeks before applying another relaxer to the new hair growth. When it is too soon for you to apply another relaxer, you should consider straightening your hair with a hot comb. Beware though, according to the Skin Biology website, you should "limit the use of hot-styling tools" because they can damage your hair.

Comb your hair to remove any tangles which may be there. You might want to shampoo, condition and blow-dry your hair before you use the hot comb, but it is not necessary.

Separate your hair into four sections and apply a hair protectant like Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum, Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Style Heat or Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat to your hair. The serum will prevent your hair from being damaged by the heat.

Plug in your hot comb and allow it to warm on the lowest setting. It should only take a few minutes for the comb to warm.

Touch the hot comb to a towel to ensure it is not too hot. If it steams when it touches the towel, turn it off for a minute before touching it to your hair or your hair will burn.

Grab a small section of hair and pass the hot comb through the hair beginning slightly above the roots. It should not stay on any one section of hair for longer than three seconds, according to the Cornrows website. Repeat the process until you have pulled the hot comb through all of your hair.